World Designs Phono3 Valve Phono Stage


World Designs Phono3 is astonishing in its abilities, especially at its modest price.



World Design

World Designs  offers a range of high quality amplifier & preamplifier kits for music lovers. Our products are made in the UK, combine the perfect blend of performance, style and value. High quality components and simple step by step instructions lead to a highly professional product which will grace any living room with exceptional sound and good looks. All that for a fraction of the cost of similar performing amplifiers/ preamp – simply great fun for a bargain price.  


The Phono3 is an all valve phono stage which matches a wide variety of turntables and cartridges. This standard module utilises all passive RIAA equalisation over two gain stages to offer unparalleled accuracy and freedom from the slew rate limiting of common loop feedback EQ stages.

The input can be configured for MM or MC cartridges, the latter via optional wide bandwidth MC step-up transformers. which can provide 10:1 or 20:1 voltage gain to match a wide range of cartridges.  Ultra HF EQ is also micro-adjustable, if you have a ‘scope, for those who wish to optimise the square wave response.

The upgrade XL option includes high performance HT smoothing capacitors, JJ ECC83S valves and Soniqs polypropylene output capacitors for those who want the ultimate in performance.

The Phono3 requires a PSU3 power supply. PSU3 is sold separately.

Phono3 is available either as a kit or pre-built.

External dimensions with valves:

W135 x D292 x H82mm. Weight: 1.2kg

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 56 × 56 × 20 cm
Build Option

MM Kit, MM Pre-Built, MC Kit, MC Pre-Built


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