MC-Two is  flexible – works well on many low and medium mass arms. The Van Den Hul 1 stylus is the quietest profile out there and lasts thousand of hours with proper care. Most highly recommended.

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The MC-Two Special

A custom hand-built moving coil cartridge; High output version of the MC – ONE Special with 2.25 mV/channel and matched crystal copper-wire coils.

The designation “Special” in this cartridge’s name indicates important improvements over its previous version:
The cartridge is equipped with a thicker front-pole and an extra small magnet, both further enhancing its resolution capabilities and output voltage.

Production time:
The production time for a MC – TWO Special cartridge after ordering is about two weeks. Please contact Groove Audio for delivery time.

stylus replacement see (*1)
stylus shape VDH – I
stylus radii 3 x 85 Micron
frequency range 5 – 50.000 Hz
tracking force 13.5 – 15.0 mN
static compliance 28 Micron/mN
tracking ability 70 – 80 Micron
output voltage 2.25 mV RMS
channel unbalance < 0.5 dB
channel separation > 35 / > 30 dB
stylus tip mass 0.35 Milligram
system weight 8.2 Gram
vertical tracking angle 22 Degrees
load capacitance see (*2)
load impedance 47k (> 1k) Ohm
eff tone arm mass 8 – 12 Gram
moving coil resistance 96 Ohm +/- 10%
extra info (*1): Stylus replacement and other services available on request

(*2): Non critical


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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