The MC – ONE Special plugs you into the heart of the performance. Yes, there is plenty of detail on offer here for audiophiles but, in many ways, that benefit is less important. It’s as if the Special connects you into the soul of the music which, to many music fans out there, is far more important.

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The MC-One-Special

A custom hand-built moving coil cartridge; Special selected version of the MC – 10 Special with 0.65 mV/channel.

The designation “Special” in this cartridge’s name indicates important improvements over its previous version:

  • The cartridge is equipped with a thicker front-pole and an extra small magnet, both further enhancing its resolution capabilities and output voltage.

Production time:
The production time for a MC – ONE Special cartridge after ordering is about two weeks. Please contact Groove Audio for delivery time.

stylus replacement see (*1)
stylus shape VDH – I
stylus radii 3 x 85 Micron
frequency range 5 – 50.000 Hz
tracking force 13.5 – 15.0 mN
static compliance 28 Micron/mN
tracking ability 70 – 80 Micron
output voltage 0.65 mV RMS
channel unbalance < 0.5 dB
channel separation > 35 / > 30 dB
stylus tip mass 0.35 Milligram
system weight 8.2 Gram
vertical tracking angle 22 Degrees
load capacitance see (*2)
load impedance 200 Ohm
eff tone arm mass 8 – 12 Gram
moving coil resistance 9 Ohm +/- 10%
extra info (*1): Stylus replacement and other services available on request

(*2): Non critical

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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