Soundcare Superspikes M6 Thread (Set of 8) for loudspeakers


The Norwegian company Soundcare has been around for many years now and well known in the Hifi community for their SuperSpikes. They are a spiked footer with or without threaded rods for isolating equipment racks, speakers and equipment alike. Their design incorporates a spike with an encapsulated base which allows for surface protection and the added ability to protect hard surfaces, for instance when repositioning speakers or the main rack.

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Soundcare Superspike

The standard SuperSpike is proven to be extremely effective on all Hi-Fi equipments and loud speakers. Soundcare® SuperSpike is a low cost upgrade that will make a major difference to the sound quality of any system. The Standard SuperSpike is made in shiny and black finish.

Available in set of 8 or 4. Each box contains 4 SuperSpikes. Contact GrooveAudio for advise on thread size. Thread size information click here .

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Shipped from Australia. Please contact us for international shipping cost as there are various options and associated cost. We’ll assist you to select a suitable option.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 8 cm

1 review for Soundcare Superspikes M6 Thread (Set of 8) for loudspeakers

  1. Paul Ong

    HiFi Pig By Dan Worth

    After installing, levelling and tightening the nuts to hold height position with the included wrench I went straight for my favourite music which I know inside out.Playing Fink’s ‘Trouble’ from the ‘Wheels Turn Beneath Me’ album greeted my listening experience with additional spatial awareness and clarity throughout the entire frequency range. The bassline on my speakers is already very controlled,but with the addition of the Superspikes it lifted from the floor to reveal more layers of detail and gave perceived overall height increase to the entire soundstage, unravelling what was a more condensed sound into a freer and more open musical picture.

    I worked my way through this entire album with joy. The top end had more clarity and sparkle to it in a slightly sweeter way which was unexpected from all ceramic drivers and accuracy gained a more definitive musicality and timing giving a soundstage that gained more depth as the layers were freed.The overall picture of the music retained my systems tonality and scope but it had a bit more pizzazz and razzle dazzle.

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