Mober Bearing Housing SSP12



An improved 2021 version of Mober Bearing can be fitted with either the ring or 3 bolts.

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About Mober

Edmund Chan who is based in Hong Kong is a music lover and the brainchild behind Mober DC Speed Control and other innovative products such as Hercules II Mose Power Supply for Linn Turntable (circa 2005 and still in demand today).  Edmund doesn’t have a website to provide with details of his products, however you will find Edmund’s product not lacking of any exposure and reviews when you search on google.

Mober Bearing Housing 

The Mober bearing housing  is a replacement housing,  designed and engineered for SSP12 sub-platter.

Mober bearing fits most chassis for LP12, with the exception the earliest pre-cirkus bearing chassis. Pre-cirkus bearing bolt is 2mm, all later bearings are 4mm. The hole have to be enlarged to fit Mober bearing or you can replace LP12 chassis. The latest 2021 version of Mober bearing housing includes the ring lock, there is no need to enlarge the pre-cirkus hole.

For interstate and international shipping, please contact me for a quote.

What’s next?

Speed Control. See Mober DC Speed Control.


Additional information

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm


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