Diapason Micra III Excel High-End Bookshelf Audio Speakers | Made From Walnut Solid Wood | Handmade In Italy


The bookshelf speaker fits anywhere and has the performance to fill your room. The Micra III Excel way punches above its weight. Position it on a dedicated stand, on furniture and even on your workstation table, bookcase or wall units. Micra III Excel was made to stand out in these applications without compromise.


Beautiful Listening

It takes incredible engineering and superior craftsmanship to build a speaker with these specifications! Hear your music comprehensively delivered in a dynamics and delightfully musical way with a low-frequency range that’ll shock you. Immerse yourself in a Diapason’s signature soundstage that’ll have.

Italian Design

The Diapason Micra III Excel is made of solid Canaletto walnut cabinets that accentuate the beauty of wood grains. Each panel has been made in great detail to be an artistic statement, along with a musical statement. Create value in any space it’s in.

Premium Electronics

This mini-speaker on a stand with the rear reflex port is versatile in terms of room positioning and matching electronics. Its design hides a world of premium, hi-fi technology including Diapason’s Direct Drive technology that uses a 11-cm woofer developed in conjunction with Norwegian company SEAS. Diapason’s Direct Drive technology connects the rear connectors to the woofer without a low-pass circuit. This makes it possible to achieve quick and realistic low-frequency performance. High-pass circuits are wired directly using oxygen-free copper Van Den Hul CS cables. 

These are also sold by us at Groove Audio here. Contact us to book in a demo.

Floor Stands (Sold Separately)

The dedicated 1/M floor stand ensures great speaker performance and measures s75 cm in height. The thick black painted metal structure with a central round shaft can be filled with lead or a material of your choice to improve speaker performance. Each stand also comes with four spikes to lift the system off the floor.

You can also pair these stands with Superspikes from SEAS to protect your floor and further enhance an already stellar sound performance.

Technical Specification

Frequency response 50/20.000 Hz

Bass Driver Ø 110 mm Diapason Direct Drive Polymetylpentene

Tweeter Ø 26 mm silk soft dome

Efficiency 88 dB/W/m

Freq. crossover 3.800 Hz

Nominal impedance 6 Ohm

Min. impedance 3,3 Ohm/250 Hz

 posterior load reflexTerminals DiapasonFinish Solid walnut woodWeight per speaker 6 KgDimensions (w x d x h) 205 x 285 x 280 mmOptional cloth cover grille

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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