Diapason Karis Wave High-End Designer Bookshelf Audio Speakers | Made From Canaletto Walnut Solid Wood | Handmade In Italy


The Karis Wave is an iconic work of art. It’s the result of an encounter between Diapason’s founder Alessandro Schiavi and the artist Antonio Comini.


Karis Wave

Like a stringed instrument, the solid wood modelled into the relevant, living shape can recreate harmonics that we perceive a natural. The handcrafted waves make each cabinet individual and enable to create a comprehensive signal transmission of sound reproduction that’s close to the sound of t the live event.

The Karis Wave is a fully-fledged acoustic instrument, tuned just like a violin. It’s crafted from an aged Canaletto walnut cabinet that’s been expertly finished and assembled in line with tradition to ensure lasting stability; guaranteeing the rich tones for years to come!

The partnership between Alessandro Schiavi and Antonio Comini transpired from the idea of producing a sculpture made of wood that created a natural shell capable of reproducing sound and music.

The multi-faceted shape of the Karis model is inspired by sand dunes defined by wind and sea. This formed the perfect inspiration for modelling waves. The result is an elegant work that blends music with art through designs created in ways reminiscent of nature’s own raw beauty. It is also a metaphor for the vibrations of the human voice or a musical instrument. 

The Karis Wave is a prestigious limited-edition model, with just 200 units produced. Each pair of speakers has a certificate of authenticity with reference number and the signature of Antonio Comini (The artist) and Alessandro Schiavi (the designer).

The Stand (Sold Separately)

The Stand is made in solid Canaletto Walnut and Brushed stainless steel, 

Designed exclusively for the Karis Wave, the Wave Stand matches and completes the elegance of  the elegance of speaker and quality of the craftsmanship, and lifts the speaker off the floor. 

Beautiful Electronics

The Karis Wave’s technology is produced by Norwegian company SEAS in accordance with Diapason. The 11-cm woofer is equipped with a large magnet to ensure reliable performance at low frequencies, within physical limits for a speaker of this size. The Diapason Direct Drive technology enables the direct connection of rear connectors to woofer without using a low-pass circuit.

The 19-mm SEAS tweeters reproduce musical content which is very natural, with precise detail, dynamics and rich harmonics. Precise soundstage reconstruction can reproduce every individual instrument in its original position.

The crossover circuit has been designed specifically for Karis Wave. It reduces electrical signal dispersion and ensures rapid, direct signal routing to the drivers, with technology that differs from other Diapason speakers combined with the exclusive use of Van Den Hul SCS-12 cables for all internal wiring.

Technical Specs

Frequency response 60/20.000 Hz

Bass Driver Ø 110 mm Diapason Direct Drive Black anodized aluminum former, Polymetilpentene cone

Tweeter Ø 19 mm High Definition Sonomex soft Dome with wide surround

Efficiency 87 dB/W/m

Freq. crossover 3.000 Hz

Nominal impedance 8 Ohm

Min. impedance 7,2 Ohm/300 Hz

Type rear-ported reflex speaker

Finish Canaletto walnut solid wood

Weight per speaker 4,5 Kg

Internal wiring Van den Hul SCS 12  Halogen free

Speaker dimensions (w x d x h) 190 x 260 x 285 mm

Weight per stand 12,60 Kg

Stand dimensions (w x d x h) 274 x 274 x 900 mm

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 19 × 29 cm


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