Clearaudio Elixir of Sound Diamond Cleaner


Stylus cleaning fluid including applicator brush to remove dirt and dust

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Clearaudio Elixir of Sound is high efficient stylus cleaning fluid including applicator brush to remove dirt and dust.

Wonder why record sounds dull and lack of dynamics? Have you consider cleaning your stylus with high efficient cleaning fluid from Clearaudio? Give a go and you will discover how simple cleaning can improve sound and longevity of your stylus and records.

The Clearaudio Stylus cleaner removes even the toughest deposits, preventing stylus and record groove damage protecting your records from abrasion damage caused by dirt that has adhered to the stylus tip.

Completely cleans the stylus, reduces noise and distortion, removes accumulated deposits and particles.

Completely safe for all cartridge types and leaves no residue.

Shipping within Australia only.

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