About Us

Hi, I’m Paul,

I’m an electrical & electronic engineer with a lifelong love for sound and high-end audio. I care about finding the right hi-fi system for the music you love. And I’m doing that through Groove Audio. Groove Audio specialises in bringing you new and second hand hi-fi audio equipment and vinyl records. We’re ready to help, whether you’re getting started with a new system, upgrading, or looking for tips to improve your sound.

It’s our job to customise hi-fi systems that bring a live-sound experience to your home. It’s more than just selecting something after a quick listen. It’s about deeply understanding audio electronics, matching them to your preferences and letting you hear the difference. We pride ourselves on taking the time to bring you amazing sound, for the best value.

If you prefer something completely custom, we’re committed to help you design and install something to your specifications.

We also stock various new and used hi-fi equipment in our online hi-fi shop. Some products we carry include amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono stages, power amplifiers and record cleaning machines. If you’d like a particular product or brand that isn’t on our online shop, feel free to contact us.

Check out our online store here.